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Combine Team and Ecology: The Solidarity Team Building!

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


1. Explore Eco-Friendly Team Building

A. Benefits of Green Team Building

Tired of team-building activities that all seem the same? You know, those days spent solving bland riddles or building spaghetti towers. Meaningless activities.

What if we change the game? Imagine an activity where your team strengthens its bonds and contributes to a better world. Yes, it's possible with green team building.

🌱 Here's a question: When was the last time you felt that your team-building had a lasting impact on your team and the planet?

B. How to Organise Eco-Friendly Team Building

You might be wondering how to incorporate ecology into your next team building. Don't worry; it's easier than you think.

👉 Action to take: Start by listing your goals: improving team cohesion, raising awareness of environmental causes, etc. Then, choose activities aligned with these objectives.

You could even involve experts in environmental awareness to lead workshops or discussions.

Pro Tip: Don't forget about team members working remotely. Use specialised online team-building applications or platforms to include them. For example, you could organise a sustainability webinar or an online zero-waste cooking workshop.

2. Meaningful Team Building Challenges

A. Ideas for Responsible Team Building Challenges

Had enough challenges that lack impact? Why not add an ethical and sustainable dimension to your team-building activities?

🤔 Food for thought: What would be the impact on your team if your next challenge contributed to a social or environmental cause?

Case study #1: Electro Depot launched a Treely challenge in its 104 stores across Europe. 1,500 of their employees (a whopping 75%!) embraced the challenge.

They walked 85,980 km, equivalent to twice around the Earth! Through our app, their 144 million steps turned into 14,761 trees planted in northwest Madagascar.

Results: their employees feel better thanks to a tangible and sustainable impact on the planet. More info here.

Case study #2: A major waste reduction challenge. Teams will compete to reduce their plastic consumption. Results can be presented at a team meeting, creating a positive and competitive dynamic.

Case study #3: Why not organise a team-building activity around constructing a community garden? Employees will learn the basics of ecological gardening and see the fruits of their labour: grown vegetables that can be donated to a local food bank.

The sense of accomplishment will be palpable, with outstanding returns: increased team cohesion, a better understanding of environmental issues, and a shared sense of achievement.

B. Remote Team Building: The Challenge of a hybrid workforce

Working from home has become the norm for many, but how can you maintain cohesion at a distance? It presents its own challenges in terms of team building.

However, activities like sustainability webinars or waste reduction challenges can be just as effective in strengthening team spirit.

📝 Note for later: Online tools can help measure the impact of your remote team-building activities. This adds a competitive element that can motivate employees to engage more. You could even create an online dashboard to track progress in real-time.

If you want to dig a bit deeper, discover the benefits of green team building in our article "The Secrets of Green Team Building and Its Business Benefits!" And if you're looking for ideas to surprise your team, don't miss our list of "10 Eco-Responsible Team Buildings to Amaze Your Team!"

So, are you ready to transform your team building into an ecological mission? Take the first step with Treely! 🌱

Expert Answers to Your Burning Questions

What is Green Team Building?

Green team building is a team-strengthening approach that incorporates ecological and sustainable elements. It aims not only to improve team cohesion but also to contribute to a better world.

What are the Benefits of Green Team Building?

The benefits include improved team cohesion, increased awareness of environmental issues, and a shared sense of accomplishment. As a bonus, you demonstrate your ecological commitment to your team and the world.

How to Organise Eco-Friendly Team Building?

Start by listing the objectives you wish to achieve, such as improving team cohesion or raising awareness of an environmental cause. Then, choose activities aligned with these objectives. You can even enlist experts to facilitate workshops.

How to Include Remote Team Members?

Use apps or online platforms specialised in remote team building. You can organise webinars on sustainability or online zero-waste cooking workshops.

Do You Have Ideas for ESG-Responsible Team Building Challenges?

Yes, for example, you can organise a waste reduction challenge where teams compete to reduce their plastic consumption. This creates a positive and competitive dynamic within the team. There's also Treely with our walking challenge where every 10,000 steps, a tree is planted 🌳.

How to Measure the Impact of Remote Team Building Activities?

Online tools can help measure the impact of your activities. You can create an online dashboard to track progress in real-time, adding a competitive element that can motivate employees.

For instance, at Treely, your team can see in real-time the number of trees they're planting by walking.


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75% participation across 104 physical stores

2,000 employees


An international challenge across 6 countries.

300 employees


The accounting firm that took photo challenges to another level

130 employees


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