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We help reboot ecosystems

Since we started Treely, we contributed to the reforestation of over 70 000 trees in Madagascar thanks to the NGO Eden Reforestation Projects.


But more than the trees, we’re rebooting an entire ecosystem and creating jobs in the process thanks to you.


We tell you everything here 👇

1. How do we make sure trees get planted?

2. Why plant in the tropics?

3. Will I get tangible elements to share with my team?

4. Planting trees, isn’t that just greenwashing?

1. How do we make sure trees get planted?

We scrupulously compared several NGOs and chose Eden Reforestation Projects.


The most important criteria are trust and transparency.


The Eden team has been restoring ecosystems for over 20 years. It’s been getting great reviews by independent regulatory bodies:

  • Silver Seal of Transparency from GuideStar

  • 95% for impact with Charity Navigator


This NGO specialises in restoring ecosystems. It’s one of the key reasons we chose them.

Trees reboot the ecosystem. They help fight erosion, provide shade and nutrients, help retain humidity… Then, invertebrates, birds, and primates come back. Life comes back.


They planted and protected over 977 million trees over 280 planting sites in 10 countries.


Here’s a video showing their work in more detail.

We selected the planting site of Ankinao in Madagascar.

Planting Site Ankinao.png

We plant four tree species based on the levels players unlock in the Treely app.

Rhizophora mucronata treelyapp

Rhizophora mucronata

Ceriops tagal  treelyapp

Ceriops tagal

Bruguiera gymnorrhiza treelyapp

Bruguiera gymnorrhiza

Avicennia marina treelyapp

Avicennia marina

We wanted to avoid monoculture and create a rich ecosystem.


After two years of progress, the Ankinao reforestation site has significantly impacted local livelihoods. Here are some key elements:


  • 8 million trees have been planted since January 2021.

  • The site employs 244 people on a full-time basis.

  • Significantly improved diets and health due to purchasing nutritious food 

  • Increased education as families can afford to send their children to school.


So, let’s plant together. Tell us more about your company and your colleagues.

How do we make sure trees are planted
“We don’t just plant trees,
we plant forests.” 

Dr. Stephen Fitch

Founder of Eden Reforestation Projects

2. Why plant in the tropics?

We chose a plantation project in the tropics for three reasons:


a. This zone contains 80% of the world’s biodiversity.

That’s about 90 % of land bird species, over 75% of amphibians, land mammals, freshwater fishes, ants, blooming plants and marine fishes…

Species density distribution across the world


b. These countries often suffer from high deforestation rates

“Between 2000 and 2021, our planet lost 437Mha of forests. That’s 11% of its trees. Unfortunately, most of it affected tropical forests (6.7% of primary forests)


The major cause of this deforestation is raw materials production (agriculture, pastures, mines…).

Unfortunately, due to resource poverty, many people are also forced into harvesting mangrove trees for charcoal production. It’s the case in the community of Morafeno, Madagascar.

c. Trees grow faster.

Trees in the tropics benefit from more prolonged sun exposure and are less impacted by seasonal changes. So they usually grow faster.


Due to our climate emergency, it’s more effective to plant a tree in Colombia that will mature in 15-20 years than a tree in Europe that would take 40.

Why plant in the tropics

3. Will I get tangible elements to share with my team?

We will share two key elements at the end of the challenge:


a. A certificate of planting certified by Eden Reforestation Projects.

Tree- planting-certificate-Treely

It details:

  • The specie planted

  • Planting location

  • Date and certificate number

b. Your virtual forest on the tree-nation site.

It’s the site we use to purchase the trees from Eden Reforestation Projects. You’ll be able to check the tree species unlocked by your team and the number of trees planted by species.

View the Treely forest.


c. Communication pack for your employees.


Photos and a video presenting the work of Eden Reforestation Projects.


Can I have an update on my trees?


You’ll receive updates twice a year presenting the evolution of the project and its impact.

Eden is also working on flying drones to provide more detailed information given the size of the projects (8 million trees planted on the Ankinao site).

Will I get tangible elements to share with my team

4. Planting trees, isn’t that just greenwashing?

Tree planting is a domain that drives a lot of investment and advertising.


We use two key principles to avoid greenwashing:


a. Reduce before offsetting


We’re convinced that companies must prioritise reducing emissions before over offsetting in the first place.


That's why we don’t mention CO2 in our communication. We also refuse to collaborate with potential clients that would have that objective.


b. Healthy and lasting plantations


We scrupulously research tree planting NGOs following strict guidelines to ensure a lasting impact:

  • Independent third-party recognition.

  • No monoculture.

  • Local tree species

  • Post-planting reports.

  • Work with local populations…


Once these two principles are set, trees can become a very powerful way to motivate and engage participants.

Planting trees, isn’t that just greenwashing

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