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The team activity for a good cause

Rally your team around an engaging challenge.

A tree is planted every 10,000 steps.


+70,000 trees planted by +8,500 employees in +200 companies

94% of employees want purpose and impact

But organising purposeful activities can be challenging:


Finding fun & engaging ESG actions is difficult

It's time consuming to organise

Hard to find actions with a lasting impact

Meet the 12-day team challenge with a tree planted every 10,000 steps

(Study CISION - Baromètre de l'engagement des marques 2022)

What to expect

Up to 95% participation rate

"I was able to bring together my colleagues from three different continents."


Marine D.
Office Manager

Incredibly engaging

"We've never seen such engagement in a team-building activity before 😱"


Valentin D.
RH & Office Manager,


⏰Organised in under an hour

"The best part is the ready-to-use communication and the ongoing support."


Hélène D.
Office Manager

How it works

How it works


1. Zoom kick-off

Build connections from the start

  • Live video kick-off

  • Fun and interactive start

  • Discover Treely and ask all your questions.

2. Twelve day challenge

Walk. Plant. Play.

  • Install our app and track your steps.

  • Plant a tree every 10,000 steps

  • Fun interactive activities throughout the challenge


3. After the challenge

Celebrate the collective accomplishment

  • Closing ceremony featuring fun prizes

  • End the event on a high note

  • Reporting and tree planting certificates

Take the first step

A quick call with one of our co-founders to define how Treely can help your team.

(PS: we’re nice people, promised 🤗)

A unique gameplay

Improve your wellbeing by accumulating enough steps to reach the next level.

Plant your trees with just a tap of a button.

An intuitive design and inclusive features that make it easy for everyone to use.

Exciting and memorable

Get to know your teammates over 12 days with our photo challenges that encourage self-expression.

Get creative by snapping your favorite tree, recreating famous art, and teasing teammates.

Boost your mood and add a positive spark to your day.

65-95% employee participation

  • Step-by-step launch playbook crafted with +200 companies.

  • 45-minute workshop to adapt it to your company

  • Ready-to-use emails + visuals

  • Toolbox to keep the entire team engaged

«1,500 participants, unbelievable!»


Stephane B.
CSR Director

75% of ElectroDepot 2,000 employees took part in the challenge thanks to a tailored communication strategy.


🚶88,330 km  |  🌳 15,000 trees planted

Reboot devastated ecosystems

Trees planted and monitored by local communities in Madagascar thanks to Eden Reforestation.

Group 34378.png

Our community by the numbers






trees planted

1500 participants

across 104 stores

4 challenges

in one year


300 participants over 6 countries

Challenge during their sustainability week

Challenge with office and field workers

Join a challenge for free

Not sure if Treely is right for your team?
Try Treely for free with up to 10 colleagues.

* Available for companies over 50 employees.

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What our clients have to say


Human Ressources

Guest Suite


CSR Manager

Groupe Guillin


Office Manager


Make your challenge a success

On a quick call, we'll show you:

  • the recipe behind our incredible participation rates,

  • examples of clients who look like your company,

  • and if Treely's not right for you, we'll suggest great alternatives.

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