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Your team has 10 days to walk.

Every 15,000 steps, a tree is planted.


A live ranking for a friendly competition


Activities and photo challenges to create connections

We walked, we laughed and it was good for the Planet!

Anna Wenngren
Chief People Officer

2023 Treely participant

Join over 250 companies already stepping up for the planet's wellbeing
(and their employees')

How does our 10-day challenge work?

Your employees just need to install the Treely app on their phones.

Over the 10-day challenge, the app tracks their steps (but not their data) and converts them into trees to be planted.

Every time a participant hits 15,000 steps, we plant a tree.
And every step counts (yes, even those to the coffee machine).


Communication campaign

Customised communication to maximise participation.


Challenge launch

Video call with all participants to tackle questions and amp up the excitement.

During the challenge

Treely animates the internal chat for maximum engagement.


After the challenge

Closing ceremony featuring fun prizes.

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3 fantastic reasons to organise a Treely challenge

Strengthen team spirit

Thanks to team rankings and fun challenges, participants motivate each other and pull together to reach their goals.

Build a responsible company culture

By involving your staff in an ecological challenge and giving them the opportunity to plant trees, your ESG policy becomes participative and embodied.

Improve employee wellbeing

On average, Treely challenge participants walk 50% more than usual!

And 98% report feeling better after their challenge.


Participants say the Treely experience helped them get to know workmates they’d never chatted with before (whether they share the same office or work remotely).

How and where are the trees planted?

All the trees your team unlocks are put into the ground and monitored by the NGO Eden Reforestation Projects, who employs local communities in Madagascar.

Eden Reforestation Projects specialises in restoring devastated ecosystems.

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Your employees will love it
(when you take them for a walk)

Participation rates in Treely challenges are on average twice as high as previous corporate events.

Thousands of Treely participants agree that their Treely experience was memorable: what seemed like an individual challenge on the first day quickly turned into a collective effort.


Thanks for this initiative @Julia !!

Hands down the best team building I did, it was FANTASTIC !


Dashlane challenge participant

An eco-friendly challenge that fits your business
(not the other way around)

Two formats, one unforgettable experience:

Ideal for over 100 employees.

SandraOffice Manager at Oc'Via Maintenance

sandra ocvia.jpeg

We created wonderful memories, and it makes us want to experience more moments of team cohesion.

We're in the starting blocks for next year.

Internal Treely Challenge

Strengthen team cohesion by encouraging collaboration among your staff, whether you organise teams by department or region or mix them up entirely.

Ideal for fewer than 100 employees.

Valentin, RH & Office Manager at Adikteev

Valentin Decroix

"We've never had so much engagement in a team-building before 😱"

Intercompany Treely Challenge

Join the biggest inter-company competitions and encourage your employees to push their limits together to win!

In both formats, your employees have access to their real-time rankings, in-app chat, photo competitions...

In short, the perfect mix for a healthy and fun competition!






trees planted

There's a reason Treely's top of the podium

1. Easy to organise

A customisable communication kit designed to quickly rally your teams around the Treely challenge.

3. Tailor-Made

The entire challenge can be customised to maximise engagement (duration, adjusting challenges, etc.)

5. Inclusive

No need for incredible fitness levels: this challenge involves ALL your employees, young and old, whether they work behind a desk or out in the field.

2. Easy to participate

Steps can be taken anywhere, anytime, alone or as a team. Just need your smartphone in your pocket.

4. Top-notch customer support

You get a dedicated contact person who supports you in organising your challenge from start to finish, right up to the closing ceremony.


6. Multilingual

Got international teams? No worries: the Treely app and all communication materials are available in both French and English.

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They contributed to the reforestation of the planet
(without getting their hands dirty)

What's next?

We have a quick chat

Tell us about your current challenges and objectives.

Let's chat:

We'll present a detailed proposal within 48h

A detailed tailor-made proposal based on your specific needs.

We launch the Treely challenge

Your team have 10 days to plant as many trees as possible and share some unforgettable memories!

The team

Three entrepreneurs, three childhood friends, three dads, convinced that it's only through collective action that we can build a better world.

With Treely, we aim to inspire folks to come together and take collective action for the planet.

The questions we often get asked

  • How Team Building Works
    Team building operates by bringing participants together to achieve a common goal. This allows participants to get to know each other, develop their communication and collaboration skills, and strengthen their sense of team belonging. There are numerous team-building activities that can be used to achieve these objectives. Some activities are more active, while others are more thought-based. The facilitation of team building is also crucial for its success. The facilitator must be capable of creating group dynamics, motivating participants, and ensuring the activity is successful.
  • How to Organise a Successful Team Building in 5 Steps
    Team building is an essential activity for companies looking to strengthen cohesion and team spirit. Here are 5 steps to follow: Choose an activity suitable for your employees and objectives. Plan the event in detail. Communicate the event to your participants well in advance. Evaluate the event after its completion. Here's how it would break down: 1. Define Objectives The first step is to define the objectives of your team building. Do you want to strengthen communication among teams? Improve collaboration? Create a sense of belonging? Once you know what you want to achieve, you can choose the appropriate activity. 2. Choose the Activity There are a multitude of team-building activities, ranging from role-playing games to sports activities. It's important to choose an activity that is suitable for your audience and objectives. 3. Plan the Event Once you've chosen the activity, you need to plan it in detail. This includes the date, location, budget, and number of participants. 4. Communicate the Event It's important to communicate the event to your participants well in advance. This will allow them to organise and prepare themselves. 5. Evaluate the Event After the event, it's important to evaluate its success. This will allow you to improve your future team-building activities.
  • How to Evaluate Team Building
    There are several ways to evaluate team building. For example, you can ask participants to fill out a questionnaire or complete an exercise. Example of a Team Building Evaluation Questionnaire How did you find the activity? Very good Good Average Not good Did you achieve the event's objectives? Yes No Would you recommend this event to other people? Yes No
  • How to Find a Suitable Team Building Activity
    There are many companies specialised in organising team building like Treely. You can also find team-building activities on the internet or in specialised magazines.
  • How to Budget for Team Building
    The budget for team building depends on numerous factors, such as the number of employees or participants, the chosen activity, and the event location.
  • Objectives of Team Building
    Strengthen communication and collaboration among employees Create a sense of team belonging Improve employee motivation and well-being Reduce stress and conflicts at work Remind employees to take care of their physical and mental health
  • Advantages of Team Building
    Improved team performance Reduced HR management costs Enhanced company image
  • Qualities of a Good Team Building Facilitator
    A good team building facilitator should possess the following qualities: Listening skills Ability to unite Communication skills Conflict management skills Good knowledge of facilitation techniques
  • What is Eco-Friendly Team Building?
    Eco-friendly team building is an event aimed at strengthening cohesion and team spirit while respecting the environment. There are numerous eco-friendly team-building activities that can be organised, such as: Beach or forest clean-up Hiking or picnicking in a natural park Recycling or composting workshop Visiting a farm or environmental protection centre A Treely challenge! 🌳
  • What is ESG-Responsible Team Building?
    ESG-Responsible team building is an event aimed at strengthening cohesion and team spirit while incorporating sustainable development principles. There are numerous ESG-responsible team-building activities that can be organised, such as: An eco-friendly construction or renovation project A sustainable development awareness workshop Visiting an ESG-responsible company A climate mural
  • Advantages of Eco-Friendly or ESG-Responsible Team Building
    Strengthening of cohesion and team spirit Raising participants' awareness of environmental issues Positive contribution to environmental protection Positive contribution to ecological transition Promotion of your ESG values internally and externally By organising eco-friendly or ESG-responsible team building, companies can also contribute to environmental protection or ecological transition.

Don't just stand planted there – join us in planting trees!

Our eco-friendly team activities articles

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