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How much does it cost?

$8 to $40

per employee

Bulk discounts based on company size

✍️ Customised communication strategy tailored to your company.

🧑‍💻 A live video kickoff to rally the team from the start.


📷 Contests throughout the challenge to plant more trees.


🏆 A closing ceremony to celebrate the collective success.


🇬🇧🇫🇷 App and communication in French and English.

Get a quote tailored to your company.

Here are three pricing examples for challenges we ran in 2022 👇


Challenge for a tech startup
100 employees

Teams across France and New York.
Investment: $2,500
Participation rate: 92%

We never saw such engagement on a team building event 😱” Valentin - HR.



Challenge for a multinational company
300 employees

Employees spread across 7 countries.
Investment: $5,500.
Participation rate: 73%

It's the first time we manage to bring the entire company together. All 6 countries!” Stéphanie - HR


Challenge for a chain of stores in Europe
2000 employees

Employees in 104 stores
Investment: $16,000
Participation rate: 75%

Treely was THE topic of discussion in the 100 stores" during the entire challenge” Stéphane - CSR Manager


Frequently asked questions

Do you charge per employee or per participant?


We charge by the number of employees in your company. Our goal is to bring together and foster exchanges among as many of your employees as possible.


We create a customised communication plan to maximise employee engagement. We provide pre-written emails with visuals and video to use on all your channels.

And it's a hit, with participation rates as high as 97%!

Are trees included in the price? What if we plant a lot of them?


Everything is included in our prices, including trees.


We created Treely to have a positive impact on your health and the planet.

The more you walk, the more you plant, the happier we are 😍


How do you compare to other alternatives?

Here's how we compare to the alternatives we often hear about:

Treely - this is us!
 max per employee for a 12-day challenge with animations & games throughout.
Remotely or in-person

Environmental impact and physical exercise to fight our sedentary lifestyle.

And this is how we compare to other alternatives.

Alternative 1: Online escape game

~$47 per participant for a 60-90 minutes game.
Remote only

No physical activity or environnemental impact.

Alternative 2: Axe throwing

~$30-$99 per participant for about 60 minutes.

n person only.

No environnemental impact.

Alternative 3: Ma petite planète 
~$80 per participant for a 21-day challenge

Remotely or in person.

Environnemental aspect.

No physical activity.


Do we get a discount if we do multiple challenges?


Yes! By signing up for a second challenge, you'll get access to Treely Premium and receive many benefits, including a discount on the price.

That's also why most of our clients do another challenge... That and the fact that Treely is a fantastic team adventure... And also because we're nice and reassuring 🤗

Don't just stand planted there – join us in planting trees!

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