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Boost wellbeing with ESG: The Winning Duo!

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


Are you an HR manager, a wellbeing manager in a company, or even a leader concerned about your organisation's impact? You've come to the right place.

Discover how Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) can not only boost your employees' wellbeing but also improve your brand image and profitability. Intrigued? Read on!

1. ESG in Service of Workplace Wellbeing

A. Working Conditions and QWL (Quality of Work Life)

QWL, or Quality of Work Life, is not just an HR gimmick. It is a lever for performance and employee retention. And ESG can be your best ally to improve it.

Statistics: According to a Bupa study, 64% of 18-22 year-olds want companies to act and involve their employees in decisions related to environmental issues.

31% would turn down roles and take pay cuts to work with their preferred employers.

Furthermore, 59% of them say they are "willing to stay longer in a company that does sufficiently consider environmental issues." The new wave of talent is demanding concrete and measurable actions.

Imagine an office where furniture is made from recycled materials, where the air is purified by indoor plants, and where waste is sorted and recycled.

You are not only breathing healthier air but also a corporate culture that values wellbeing and sustainability.

🌿 Green Tip: If you haven't already, replace plastic cups with reusable mugs and install water filters to reduce the use of plastic bottles. You'll see even these small changes can greatly impact morale.

B. Team Cohesion and Remote Work

Remote work has become the new norm, but how do you maintain team cohesion? ESG can be your superhero. Imagine eco-responsible team-building activities where your employees collectively build a community garden, whether virtually or in person.

You are not only benefiting the planet but also creating lasting memories and bonds.

👥 Team Tip: Organise an eco-friendly team-building challenge. Set up a tracking board for each team. The winner could choose a charity to which the company will make a donation.

2. The Impact of Burnout on the Company

A. Burnout Prevention and Wellbeing

Burnout is a reality that can cost your company dearly in terms of productivity and employee mental health. ESG can be your shield.

Have you considered relaxation areas with comfortable chairs, wellbeing books, and even a small gym? You are reducing stress and creating a culture that values wellbeing.

🧘‍♀️ Wellbeing Tip: Introduce guided meditation or yoga sessions during working hours. Not only does this help reduce stress, but it also shows that it's okay to take a break and that the company takes employees' wellbeing seriously.

B. ESG and Happiness in the Company

ESG is like a good movie: it has an emotional impact. By involving your employees in ESG projects, you are not just ticking a box but creating a sense of belonging and pride.

🌈 Happiness Tip: Launch an internal survey to discover which ESG projects are close to your employees' hearts. You might be surprised at the innovative ideas that emerge when people are passionate.

So, ready to make wellbeing in your company a force for the planet? Treely accompanies you from start to finish. 🌱

Expert Answers to Your Burning Questions

How Can ESG Improve Quality of Life at Work?

ESG can be a lever to improve QoL by creating a healthy and sustainable work environment. For example, using furniture made from recycled materials and purifying the air with indoor plants can contribute to better well-being at work.

What Are the Tips for Maintaining Team Cohesion During Remote Work Through ESG?

ESG can help maintain team cohesion by organising eco-responsible team-building activities. A dashboard tracking the carbon emissions saved by each team can add an element of competition and accountability.

How Can ESG Help Prevent Burnout?

ESG can contribute to preventing burnout by creating relaxation spaces and valuing well-being at work. Guided meditation or yoga sessions during work hours can also help reduce stress.

How Can ESG Contribute to Happiness in the Company?

By involving employees in ESG projects, you create a sense of belonging and pride, which can have a positive impact on happiness within the company.

How to Know Which ESG Projects Interest My Employees the Most?

An internal survey can be an excellent way to discover which ESG projects are close to your employees' hearts. This can also help generate innovative ideas for future initiatives.


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