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  • My steps are not counted in Treely (iOS)

1. Make sure your steps are counted in Health.

If not, go to: Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness.
And activate Health.

2. Make sure Treely has access to Health.

Go to: Settings > Privacy > Health

And authorise Treely to access your steps.

  • Can I use my smartwatch?


Of course! You just need to connect it to Google Fit or Apple Health Kit and your steps will be counted.

We recommend using your device's native app and avoid third-party apps.

Here's a recap of the different devices (tell us at if we're missing one):

montres connectes - Sept 22.png

✅ simply connect your connected watch app to Apple Health (easy)
✅ + 🔧️ Requires a third-party app. FitToFit for FitBit and Health Sync for all others (complex)
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