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Your team walks, we plant trees.

Improve your employees' wellbeing, unite your team and plant trees.

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Our clients

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


How it works

Each employee has 10 days to walk as much as possible to plant up to 10 trees.


Compete as an individual, a team or between departments.

Ongoing support

We help your team launch and run successful challenges.


On average, 60-85% of employees participate, and over 85% want another challenge.

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Employee wellbeing

Remote work usually means a sedentary lifestyle. With Treely you help your employees move and stay healthy.

92% say Treely made them feel better.

On average, Treely participants walk 50% more than usual.

Plant trees

We plant four tree species in Madagascar through Eden Reforestation.


Tropics hold 80% of our biodiversity and trees mature faster in this environment.

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We love you

An app that respects you and the planet.

Privacy by design

No account creation required. We only collect anonymised data to know how many trees to plant.

Green code

Treely consumes as few processing resources as possible.

We use the steps your phone already counts.

We don't track your GPS.


Your company pays to run Treely. So we don't sell your data to anyone.

90% of our clients booked another challenge within the year.

Run a challenge today

We have limited availability every month.

Book your spot today.




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“Leslie walked for one hour in the living room last night to finish her challenge. Can’t take it anymore.”

Sébastien M.

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