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Contact us directly if you have a question or a technical issue:

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During a challenge 


  • My steps are not counted in Treely (iOS)

1. Make sure your steps are counted in Health.

If not, go to: Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness.
And activate Health.

2. Make sure Treely has access to Health.

Go to: Settings > Privacy > Health

And authorise Treely to access your steps.

  • Can I ride my bike?


Your pedometer counts steps. But when you're riding, it can think that you're walking.

During our 3-hour bike ride, the pedometer counted about 8,000 steps.


  • Can I use my smartwatch?


Of course! You just need to connect it to Google Fit or Apple Health and your steps will be counted.

More details for Android

More details for iPhone

Here's a recap of the different devices (tell us at if we're missing one):

montres connectes - Sept 22.png

✅ simply connect your connected watch app to Apple Health (easy)
✅ + 🔧️ Requires a third-party app. FitToFit for FitBit and Health Sync for all others (complex)
✉️ contact us:

  • What phone can I use?


You just need a phone with a pedometer. Almost any 5-6 year old phone will do.

On Android, you need to access Google Play to download our app (no issues on iPhone).


  • Can I invite my sister or friends?


A company pays a fee to offer Treely to their employees. Therefore it can only be run within the company.


  • What data do you collect and how do you use it?

You might not be aware of this, but your phone already counts your steps. We only access this data when you choose to grant us access.

We only collect anonymous data (or against the nickname you choose to enter in the leaderboard) to know how many trees we need to plant and help us improve the app.


No one has access to this data and it will never be sold to anyone.


The trees


  • How can I be sure that my trees are planted?


We work with the nonprofit NGO Eden Reforestation. They started planting trees in 2005 and have planted over 700 million trees in 9 different countries.


They monitor and verify the progress of its newly planted forest restoration sites. The sites' GPS coordinates are mapped and recorded as a polygon. Photo and video recordings are taken to capture the before, during, and after stages of site planting progress. When possible, Eden Projects uses satellite imagery and drone surveys to provide larger-scale images of planting sites.


Each site undergoes an ongoing in-person verification process with trained personnel creating detailed field studies to record tree survival rates, growth rates, and species diversity


  • Why plant so far?


We chose to plant in Madagascar because reforestation actions are more efficient in the tropics.

This project also provides sustainable employment to local people to restore and protect their natural environment. The steady source of income helps them provide for their families, send their children to school, and participate and stimulate the local economy.

Treely, the company

  • Who's behind Treely?

We’re three childhood friends trying to over the world in the right direction.

We’re located in Lyon and Marseille in France and Sydney in Australia. Please come say hi if you’re nearby.


  • Why Treely?


We created Treely to fight against our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, boost engagement, and care for the planet.

After 10 hours spent sitting, the mortality rate increases by 34%. Luckily, everything starts improving after 15 minutes of daily physical activity.


  • How do you make money?


It’s simple. Companies pay a fee to offer Treely to their employees. We do not sell any of your data.

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