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"These challenges work perfectly"

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“What a wonderful idea. We laughed so much”

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"Thanks to the organisers, when can we go again?”

Finally a team building app that engages everyone 🤩

For thriving employees and united teams, on-site or remotely.

We're cool young dads 😎

Ten days of friendly competition with your colleagues.
The more you walk, the more we plant 🌳

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I want to improve my teammates’ wellbeing ❤️


It’s easy to feel isolated and to forget to move around when working remotely.

Currently, only 5% of adults exercise enough to protect their health. (ANSES 2022) 😱


With Treely, you walk, connect with your teammates, and your company becomes a quality of life at work (QLW) champion.

I want to unite and foster social connections 🤝

Working remotely or hybrid, teams that never cross paths, colleagues scattered around the world.

It’s hard to unify.

👉 Treely is a great way to challenge each other and have fun with your team.


A friendly competition that breaks silos and promotes connections between teams.




play again

It works really well, check it out 👇👇👇

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I want to improve my employer branding 👋

In a very competitive market, it can be hard to stand out to attract and retain top talents.


Treely challenges enable teammates to connect at work and around it.

Thriving employees interact more, collaborate more and tell their friends about it.


I want to look after the planet with my team 🌍

It can be hard to involve your team on your CSR activities.

👉 With Treely, each teammate walks to plant up to 10 trees. They’re proud to participate in a concrete and measurable action to heal the planet.


With Treely, you launch an action that combines CSR, QWL (quality of life at work) and ❤️🌍

I want to find out more 🧐

You can choose between intercompany or private challenge.


Teams of 15 from different companies compete at set start dates.

See the next start date 🏁


Private competition with your teammates only. Starts when you want.
Live video kick-off

Start a conversation 🗓

The next step 👇

A nice call with one of our co-founders to define what Treely can bring to your company.

(PS: we’re nice people, promised 🤗)


Their teams and many more walked 3x around the globe and planted 19,965 trees.


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